Here is a series of videos I planned, filmed, and edited to introduce a series I taught in 2011 about the attributes of God:

God in a Box - I made this video to accompany the first part and to introduce the series as a whole. Any preconceptions we have of God that are not based on Scripture are like trying to put God in a box. The first part of the series was about the sovreignty of God.

Policeman - The second part of the series was about God’s holiness. When we hear the word holiness, we sometimes have a tendency to envision God as a cosmic policeman. That vision of God is too small.

Genie - A common misconception is that all you need is to pray and God will give you what you want like a genie or Santa Claus. In the third part of the series about God’s omniscience, I taught that God knows exactly what we need—which is often different from what we think we need.

Superhero - Another common misconception is that God is a superhero who swoops down to save you when you’re in trouble. God is omnipresent. He is with you everywhere you go. And he wants you to serve him at all times—not just when you’re in trouble.

God Is - I wrapped the series up talking about God’s omnipotence. This video shows many of the names of God.