No Other gods

This is a series of chapel messages I preached at Christian Youth in Action in Oklahoma during the summer of 2012. Each message looks at a showdown between the one true God and a pagan god recorded in the Bible. These confrontations with false gods reveal truths about the God of the Bible and how He’s working in your life today.

Part 1: God vs. the Gods of Egypt - God takes on the whole pantheon of Egypt. Ten plagues afflict the land of Egypt. The purpose of these plagues is to show the gods of Egypt are powerless and to convince Pharaoh to let the Israelites go.

Download the God vs. the Gods of Egypt handout.

Part 2: God vs. the Golden Calf - The Israelites think they can do better than God, so they set about designing their own god. And what do they come up with? A calf! That’s right, a baby cow. Discover why we often exchange God for something less valuable.

Download the God vs. the Golden Calf handout.

Part 3: God vs. Dagon - Other gods fall to pieces in the presence of the God of the Bible. The Israelites thought God would be with them in battle if they brought along the ark of the covenant, but God cannot be put in a box. The Philistines thought they had conquered God when they captured the ark, but cannot dragged around.

Download the God vs. Dagon handout.

Part 4: God vs. Baal - Hundreds of prophets of Baal vs. the lone prophet of God. They make lots of noise, but Baal can’t hear them. He prays a simple request, and God sends fire from heaven.

Download the God vs. Baal handout.

Part 5: God vs. Baal-zebub - Became king, fell out of a window, and died. Because he consulted a pagan god, that is the legacy Ahaziah left. What legacy will you leave? Will you follow God or the world?

Download the God vs. Baal-zebub handout.

Part 6: God vs. the Giant Gold Statue - Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego knew a giant gold statue was no match for their God. They trusted in God in the face of certain death, and God didn’t back down when the heat was turned up.

Download the God vs. the Giant Gold Statue handout.

Part 7: God vs. the King Who Thought He Was God - Any king or world leader who declares himself a god has one insurmountable obstacle to overcome. In all of history, only one has overcome it. A god lives forever, and kings, well, don’t. The only exception is Jesus Christ.

Download the God vs. the King Who Thought He Was God handout.

Part 8: Jesus vs. Satan - The Bible calls Satan “the god of this world,” but he’s no match for the true God of the universe. Jesus confronts Satan in the desert and sets an example for us on how to overcome temptation.

Download the Jesus vs. Satan handout.

Part 9: God vs. Artemis - The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus was the largest building in the Greco-Roman world. All that remains of it today is a single column. The stuff we think is important today will eventually fade away, but God is eternal.

Download the God vs. Artemis handout.