Joe and the Multi-colored Robot

Here is a series of videos I planned, filmed, and edited to introduce a series I taught in 2012 about persevering in the faith even when it seems like God’s not there. The story of Joseph in the Bible is a great example of this: Joseph was hated by his family, sold into slavery, and imprisoned. He never stopped trusting God, and God rewarded him in the end. This modern, comedic retelling of the story of Joseph inspired students to explore Joseph’s story further in the Bible. The junior counselors at the Oklahoma Christian Youth in Action graciously agreed to be my actors.

Episode 1: Robotic with Envy - Joe’s father gives him a multi-colored robot. All his friends think it’s really cool, but his sisters aren’t too happy.

Episode 2: Unfriended - Blinded with jealousy, Joe’s sisters kidnap him and his robot. What nefarious plans might they have for the duo?

Episode 3: Binary Division - After being kidnapped by his sisters, Joe finds himself working in a sweat shop. When the boss’ wife comes on to him, he hightails it out of there.

Episode 4: Electric with Sheep - Following the incident at the sweat shop, Joe finds himself in jail. He uses his robot to analyze the dreams of the barista and the ace of cakes.