Matthew D. Miller

Crafting websites and apps for Oklahoma

Have an idea for an app? Need a website? Looking for the right custom software to run your business?

You’ve come to the right person.

I’m a geek. For me, web development and programming are not just ways to make money. They’re things I enjoy! I’ve been programming since junior high. I love learning new programming languages. I also like filming and editing amateur movies. In addition to the development of your website or app, I also host your website or app. You’ll receive ongoing support and training. It’s like having your own personal geek.

I’m a programmer. Many web designers are just graphic designers who happen to know how to get their designs on the internet. I know several programming languages. I worked as a student programmer at college and developed a web interface for the ID card scanners in chapel that enabled students to track their chapel attendance. I create full-fledged web applications, iPhone and Android apps, and software that runs on your desktop or laptop.

I’m an Oklahoman. I grew up in a small Oklahoma town, now live in Tecumseh, and serve as youth pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Shawnee. I love God and am passionate about ministry. I believe Oklahoma businesses and ministries lead in innovation. I bring Okie charm to your app or website. Your project will start with a face-to-face meeting with me where I determine exactly what you need and walk you through the whole process.