Web Applications


BookShrub. Share what you’re reading and see what you’re friends are reading.

Reading has always been important to Christians. God chose to speak to us through a book—the Bible. I am an avid reader and created a web application and Facebook app to encourage people to read and help them share what they’re reading with their friends.


Child Evangelism Fellowship of Oklahoma

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Oklahoma

I am the chairman of the state board for CEF of Oklahoma. I designed and maintain the website for CEF of Oklahoma. We use the website to communicate news, train volunteers, and distribute forms.

Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller, Landscape Architect Portfolio

My brother is a landscape architect. I designed this online portfolio for him. It is built on the Movable Type platform, so he can easily add images to his portfolio himself.

Map Makers

Map Makers

Fiction has the incredible power to impart biblical truths without being preachy. I write short stories that explore human struggles like fear and love within a fantastical, science fiction setting.


At Whit's End

At Whit’s End: Adventures in Odyssey Episode Reviews

I enjoy the radio series Adventures in Odyssey. I created a blog to post my reviews of episodes.


Popsickle: Pop Culture and Christianity

The purpose of Popsickle is to engage Christians in the task of transforming culture. In-depth articles answer the question, “How is Christianity relevant to culture?”