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Hi, I’m Matthew D. Miller. I’m a software developer. I design websites, create iPhone and Android apps, and write custom software and web applications. I live in Tecumseh, Oklahoma and work in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Your Own Personal Geek


Web application framework, relational database, and virtual private server may sound like Greek to you. I know (and enjoy) all these things so you don’t have to. By working with a freelance developer, you get the personal touch. Before starting on your app or website, we’ll meet face-to-face to determine exactly what you need. Even once your website is up and running, I’ll provide ongoing web hosting and training. You won’t have to stay up worrying about whether your website has enough bandwidth. I’ll take care of all that for you. It’s like having your own personal geek. When designing your mobile app, I’ll walk you through the whole process—idea to app store. If your app requires a remotely-hosted back end, I’ll manage and monitor the hosting for you.

Digital Tentmaker


I’m youth pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Shawnee, OK. It’s a small church and can’t afford a full-time youth pastor. The Apostle Paul supported his ministry with tentmaking (Acts 18:3). I’m a digital tentmaker. I craft websites and apps to support the ministry I love doing. Being a freelance developer means my schedule is flexible enough to hang out with students. I also love programming. I won’t settle for anything less than the highest quality code. When you work with me, you can be assured I share your Oklahoma values. I believe God has called me to be a digital tentmaker and to use my programming skills for him. I design solutions for churches, businesses, events, and individuals.


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